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Show your support

It is the nature of farming that seeds and other inputs must be purchased at the beginning of the season, months before anything can be harvested to generate any revenue. This reality is particularly tough for new farmers with limited resources to invest.

Beyond the regular operational expenses, building a new farm from scratch in an urban environment requires thousands and thousands of dollars in up-front investments. One of our largest upfront expenses was fencing. We were forced to forego our own on-site water hook-ups due to prohibitively high connection fees from Erie Water Works, and are instead relying on a much less efficient system for irrigation. We were donated a shed but need to pay to replace its roof. And we are regularly incurring smaller, unplanned expenses as we navigate this first season and figure out exactly which tools, how much fertilizer, and how many seeds we actually need.

Many people have suggested that the farm launch a Kick Starter or other crowd-funding campaign to help mitigate these very large, one-time expenses. But while we are certainly accepting donations, it is our preference to raise as much revenue as we can via advance sales of our produce. Please seriously consider showing your support for the farm by committing to be our customer, and purchase gift certificates (in any denomination) which can be redeemed at any of our market stands over the course of the summer.

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FSF LOGO secondary stem 2 color flat light.png