Private Workshops

Private WORKSHOP request

Complete the following workshop request form and Carrie will reach out to you to talk about the specifics, potential dates for your workshop, and paying your deposit.

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(A church group? Staff of a business or non-profit? A group of friends?)
Workshops generally need to be booked at least a month in advance. We will figure out a day that works for both of us!
I understand that I am responsible for organizing my own attendees. *
I understand that my $300 deposit (for up to ten participants) is non-refundable and required at the time I book my workshop. *
I understand that every additional participant costs $25/each and full payment is due 48 hours before the scheduled workshop. *
Do you have your own location or do you want French Street Farms to coordinate a space for you? *
We are happy to come to a location of your choosing so long as you have enough tables and chairs for all of your participants plus extra space for workshop materials to be set up.
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