Pickle Club Registration

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2019 Pickle-of-the-month club registration

signing up is a two-part process. You must

1) complete the form below, and

2) submit your full payment!

Your membership is not secured until we have received your payment. PRO-RATED OCTOBER MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATIONS AND PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th. After completing this registration form, you will have the option to pay directly through this website, or you can send your payment via Veno to @french-streetfarms or PayPal to carrie@frenchstreetfarms.com.

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Even if this is a gift - please fill out this form with YOUR info! You will have a chance to enter the recipient's info later on.
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I UNDERSTAND that my registration is not complete until I submit my payment: *
I KNOW that once I sign up and pay, I am signed up and paid. No refunds will be issued! I can cancel whenever I want, but I won't get my money back: *
I ALSO UNDERSTAND that the pickles I receive could be ANY KIND OF PICKLE OR FERMENTED FOOD! I will only get cucumber pickles 2-3 times: *