Pepper and Tomato Plants Workshop

tomato plant .jpg

Pepper and tomato plants


Monday, March 18th , 2019

6:00PM - 8:00PM

Erie ale works

416 W. 12th St.


Spring is just around the corner! Join as at Erie Ale Works on Monday, March 18th for our Pepper and Tomato Plants Workshop. This class is geared toward new to moderately-experienced gardeners. Whether this season will be your first foray into gardening, or you think you have a black thumb, or you’re just interested in meeting some new people, drinking some good beer, and playing in some dirt - this class is for you. Cost of the workshop is $30 per person and includes the following:

  • Learn all about heirloom vs. hybrid vs. GMO plants.

  • Learn about starting pepper and tomato seeds indoors, their indoor light requirements, potting your babies up into larger containers, hardening them off, and transplanting them outside.

  • Learn how to properly water, stake, fertilize, prune, and otherwise care for your plants.

  • Choose from a wide selection of different seeds and start your own pepper and tomato plants in class.

  • Erie Ale Works’ delicious, locally-brewed beer will be for sale during the event.

PLEASE NOTE: everything you need to start your tomato and pepper seeds will be provided at the workshop, but to successfully grow these plants to maturity YOU WILL NEED SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHTING INDOORS. We will discuss the specifics of your plants’ light needs in the class. Supplemental lighting need not be crazy expensive (standard shop lights are sufficient!) but it is CRITICAL to your pepper and tomato seedlings’ success. It will be your responsibility in the days and weeks following the workshop to ensure your seedlings are getting the light that they need to thrive.

Questions? COntact us!