Fall 2019 CSA

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community-supported agriculture:

our csa crop-share program

Purchasing a CSA crop-share is the SINGLE BEST WAY that you as a consumer can show your support for locally-grown food. With the up-front purchase of a share of the farm's harvest, you are committing to be one of the farm's very best customers, and in exchange, you receive the very best of what the farm is harvesting.

This year, we are proud to be establish a five-week fall CSA offering.

so how does it work?

  • The fall CSA is a five week program running from Saturday, October 26th through Saturday, November 23rd.

  • There is only ONE SIZE share for the fall program: all participants will get a bag every week for five weeks.

  • The cost of the program is $100 (or $20/bag.)

  • No partial payments will be accepted. Shares are secured only with full ($100) payment.

  • This is a SMALLER program than our main-season CSA - fewer shares are available for sale and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Pick-up location details will be finalized after all of the shares are sold, but we are hopeful to continue with out current (Ember + Forge and Whole Foods Co-op) sites.

  • Fall CSA members are eligible for $5 off up to three of the farm’s fall workshop offerings (one discount per household per workshop.) Click here to see the workshop schedule.

PURCHASING A CSA SHARE IS A COMMITMENT TO EATING LOCALLY AND SEASONALLY. You do NOT get to choose what comes in your weekly share. Generally speaking, you can expect to receive 5-6 different vegetables each week, based on what the farm is currently harvesting. If you are not a big vegetable lover, or feel concerned that you will often end up with things you don't like, purchasing a CSA share might not be for you. If that's the case, please consider purchasing gift certificates to support the farm instead, because those can be redeemed for exactly what you like from our farm stand.

We believe very strongly in the principles of eating seasonally. We reserve the right in include in the bags seasonal items from other local farms (which will be identified.) The fall program may also include some preserves/home-canned goods.

Questions? Send us a message.

Ready to sign up? Click here.

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