Brew Your Own Kombucha Workshop



KOMBUCHA workshop

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

11:00AM - 1:00PM


1317 State St., Erie

***Limited seating; pre-registration required***

Brew your own kombucha! This year we are doing one fall kombucha session and then we’ll do one more in the winter. Learn all about this fermented tea and enjoy a flight of different flavors. Start your own batch of tea-based kombucha, juice-based kombucha, AND start to grow your own scoby from scratch! Cost of the event is $30 per person. The event includes the following:

  • Learn all about fermented beverages in general, primary and secondary fermentation, and kombucha in particular.

  • Enjoy a flight of different kombucha flavors.

  • Receive everything you need to start two different batches of kombucha, including your own scobys/mothers, AND start to grow an additional scoby from scratch!

  • Receive detailed instructions and everything you will need to finish your kombucha at home.

  • Participants are welcome to order lunch and drinks during the class!

All ingredients and supplies for making your kombucha will be supplied at the workshop.

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