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About the Farm

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French Street Farms:

A hand-scale urban farm in the heart of Erie, PA.

Growing fresh food in the city, for the city.

French Street Farms is the brain child and labor of love of city resident Carrie Sachse. Inspired to do something about Erie's lack of fresh food, Carrie first approached the Erie Redevelopment Authority about her idea to farm vacant city land back in 2016. More than a year was spent working with City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Zoning Office to draft an urban farming ordinance that would allow for the commercial farming of vacant land in some residential city neighborhoods. City Council voted to implement those zoning changes in June of 2017, and in March of 2018 Carrie officially purchased half an acre of vacant city land from the Erie Redevelopment Authority. French Street Farms was born, and the inaugural growing season was officially underway.

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The farm's mission is simple:

to give the people of Erie more and better options for fresh, local produce.
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We believe that access to good, nutritious food is a serious quality of life issue, and a problem that Erie can no longer ignore.

We don't believe in sitting around, wishing and waiting for this problem to magically solve itself.

We take pride in Erie's history as a place that makes things, and we understand the importance of local production. It is in that spirit that we are setting out to locally produce more of the food that we all eat every day. By producing more of our own food right here - rather than importing it from places like California and Mexico - we can eat better and keep more of our hard-earned dollars circulating in the Erie economy at the same time.

We believe that Erie's best days are still ahead. But in order to get there we all have a responsibility to roll up our sleeves and do our share of the necessary work. If you share our vision of a better Erie and wish to help us build a robust local food system, please consider

supporting the farm.